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Hebei Joto Building Material Co.,LTD. (Japanese Independent Capital)
Address:Industrial Developing Area,
Xian Country, China.

FAX: 0317-4595126


 Dormitory for the Japanese Staffs

This is the first wooden construction in this
area, where the Japanese staffs stay.

 Entrance Gate of The Factory in China

This is a construction called by the name of Big Gate. This picture was taken from inside. It’s about 30m in width and about 10m in height. If you enter through this gate, you can see Japan in China.

As the site area is grand, we plant flowers and trees around to make the environment comfortable for the staffs. This is an example.


 Main Factory in China

This factory was built in June, 1997. The site area is vast about 100 thousand ㎡, and there are about 10 blocks of buildings in the site. This is a panorama picture of it.


 Inside the Factory and Equipment etc.
In this factory, metal sidings etc. are processed and sold.
 Emboss Roll Machine
It was brought from Japan. It processes sculptured metal sidings.
We have brick style, block style, melon pattern, and leather type.



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